Our Goal

To promote learning that is empowering, joyful and relevant to the 21st century learner.

About Reniscience Education

Reniscience Education LLP A boutique education consulting firm and think tank born out of a desire to promote learning that is empowering, joyful and relevant to the 21st century learner.

By empowering, we mean practices that foster choice and voice, that free the learner from only one way of knowing, that create an emotionally safe culture, that support meaning-making and that allow learners to feel successful.

By joyful, we mean practices that internally motivate learners and get them excited to strive for excellence, that engage them in meaningful learning experiences and that bring a high level of ownership through the learning process.

By relevant, we mean practices that are research-based and applicable to the varied contexts we work in. We also mean practices that prepare learners for a rapidly-changing world and that promote the skills, attitudes and mindsets most important to live happy, healthy, successful, sustainable and harmonious lives.

All of our work- be it with students, teachers, school leaders, curriculum or through CSR projects- is guided by our core beliefs about education, and rooted in a social justice framework.

Our Core Beliefs: We believe that

  • Learning is a social, meaning-making process that involves higher order thinking skills; it is also a personal journey that relies on making deep connections to individual experiences, knowledge and belief systems.
  • One of the aims of education must be to activate student agency.  
  • The process of learning must reflect the aims of education. The two should be aligned.
  • A safe, free and adaptive school culture is indispensable to supporting learners who are empowered and can take ownership of their own learning.
  • All teachers are capable of teaching in a manner that is empowering, joyful and relevant for their students, no matter the constraints. 
  • The purpose of professional development is to promote praxis- a process of critical reflection, (using theory) and intentional action in order to transform one’s practice and oneself.
  • Every learner is unique and has their own distinctive interests, preferences, talents and skills. The learning process must be joyful, relevant and empowering for every learner.

Our Team

Purvi Vora

Purvi Vora


Purvi Vora brings with her two decades of teaching and instructional leadership experience. After earning her PhD  in science education at Teachers College Columbia University, Purvi worked as a middle school science teacher in an inner-city school in Manhattan. She moved back to India in 2007 and joined the Akanksha Foundation as the school leader for Abhyudaya Nagar Mumbai Public School. She later worked at The American School of Bombay as the Community and Social Responsibility coordinator for K-12 and 7th grade science teacher. 

Purvi is passionate about teacher education and deep, authentic learning. She is a huge promoter of project-based learning.

Since co-founding Reniscience Education with Sangita, they have supported and offered professional development to more than 1,800 teachers throughout India.

Sangita Kapadia

Sangita Kapadia


She is a passionate, veteran science teacher, having taught the subject from elementary to high school for more than 15 years. She is also founder of the NGO- Down to Earth- which runs 4 centers in Mumbai for students living in high-poverty communities. Sangita has a M.Sc. in organic chemistry and a B.Ed.